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Trophy Repairs and Restorations

Keeping History Alive

At Ballcraft we have the equipment to bring well-worn trophies back to life. Whether it be a league trophy handed down through decades of winners, or a single winner who has kept their trophy for a lifetime. We can shine new life into the metalwork through our trophy repairs.

Using our special buffing and blasting machines we can force out the dust, grime and dirt that has built up, leaving behind raw silver. We can then polish this back to it’s original best using the best chemicals and cleaners.

This process allows for re-engrave where previous winners names have been worn away or become difficult to read.

Ballcraft Engravers Huddersfield

Trophy Cleaning

We offer an optional service to professionally clean your trophies each year when new winners are engraved. This can extend to annual shields and glass trophies or presentation awards.

Our care and attention to detail ensure your possessions are returned in the perfect condition. We have experience cleaning all types of metalworks and glass, and we are always able to try something new.

Please contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements and we will see how we can help.